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INSEAD Africa Leadership Fund Scholarships – France 2018

Note: To successfully apply for this scholarship, ensure you read all instructions on this page.

INSEAD Business school invites applications from`individuals who has interest in pursuing an MBA program at the Institution.

This scholarship program is worth € 13 000 and it will be provided to successful applicants.

Application Deadline: 

December 2019 Class:
Round 1:
by 14 May 2018

Round 2:
by 2 July 2018

Round 3:
by 20 August 2018

Eligible Countries: African Countries

Eligibility: To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • be citizens of an African country
  • have completed their bachelors degree program at any recognized Institution.
  • possess outstanding academic achievements, leadership experience and growth potential.
  • be able to demonstrate Financial needs
  • have applied for an MBA at INSEAD Business School

Type: Masters

How To Apply: Apply and submit essays and supporting documents on line. Only one application is needed to be considered for all the scholarships mentioned above. Successful candidates will receive only one of these awards.

Supporting Documents:
Please submit the documents through the scholarship portal. You will find a relative link at the end of the application form, right after the essays.

List of documents required:

1. Proof of salary (latest salary slip or a letter from your employer);

2. Bank statements for the last three months that will reflect your checking and savings accounts. On-line overview is accepted.

3.) If you have extenuating/exceptional circumstances in the past year (supporting dependents’ education, medical care, bankruptcy, etc.), provide relevant documentation.

Essay topic :

1).Only if you would like to be considered for the INSEAD Alumni Fund Robin Hood Scholarship: in approximately 350 words give the main reason for your application for the IAF Robin Hood Scholarship. Award recipients will be expected to lead the on-campus campaign. State how you will get involved and make peers participate. What are your ideas for the campaign?(If not applicable, please enter N/A. Please note that this scholarship is on offer for the candidates in the rounds 1 and 2)

2).In approximately 300 words for all the questions that follow: (a) introduce yourself and include an account of your early years i.e. where you grew up and the primary and secondary schools you attended. How did you finance your secondary education? (b) briefly describe how you envisage contributing to the future development of your country/region after graduation and (c) Give the main reason why an INSEAD MBA is relevant to your future career development.

3).In approximately 300 words provide a concise but accurate description of your financial circumstances as well as your budget for the year at INSEAD. How do you expect to finance your studies if you do not obtain a scholarship from INSEAD? Why INSEAD should consider you for a Diversity scholarship? What amount do you consider appropriate? Please do not forget to submit a number of supporting documents as required.

4).Only if you would like to be considered for the IAF Special Profile scholarships, please answer the following question in no more than 300 words: Briefly describe an instance or aspect in your life to date that has made you stand out amongst your peers or that you consider exceptional in one way or another.(If not applicable, please enter N/A)

5).Please outline how, if you are successful in your career, you might help others in theirs.


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