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2022 Lutheran World Federation Scholarships for Developing Countries

Note: To successfully apply for this scholarship, ensure you read all instructions on this page.

The Lutheran World Federation scholarships applications are for studies and training related to theological, diaconal and development work. 

 Through the LWF scholarships program LWF works alongside its member churches in developing their capacity to serve effectively in their contexts. The scholarship program helps churches to acquire qualified personnel for spiritual care and diaconal work. The main criteria for a candidate approval is the church’s corresponding need to increase its human and institutional capacity, either in areas of theology or diakonia/development.

Application Deadline: 15th October 2022.

Eligible Countries: Developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Type: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD/Postdoctoral, Research

Number and Value of Lutheran World Federation Scholarships: In total, 50-70 scholarships will be awarded for studies in diaconia and development and 20-25 for theological studies.

Duration of Lutheran World Federation Scholarships:  

  • Regular scholarships for study programs of at least 1 year: The candidates are approved for at least 1 year of support to take up or complete their proposed study program. For candidates who have already started with their study program, this means that the study program has to last for at least 1.5 years at the time of application, hence 1 year at the time of approval.
  • Short-term scholarships for training of up to 6 months: The candidates are approved for a short-term training which may last up to 6 months. This may include training courses, workshops, exchange programs or research projects which respond to the needs of the applying church. Application forms and selection criteria are the same as for regular scholarships.


  • Church affiliation of the candidate: Only applications from active members of LWF member churches are considered. All applications must be endorsed and submitted by the church. No applications submitted by individuals will be considered.
  • Nationality of the candidate: Only candidates from developing countries are eligible for scholarships in fields of diakonia/development. The theological scholarships are, in principle, open to candidates from all regions and countries.
  • Age limits: Only candidates up to a certain age are eligible for Lutheran World Federation scholarships, depending on the pursued degree:
DegreeMaximum age at the time of application*
Bachelor degrees35
Master degrees40

*Special considerations:

  • For candidates who are church employees at the time of application, age limits may be exceeded by up to 7 years for female candidates and up to 5 years for male candidates.
    • For candidates who are actively engaged in the church’s theological or diaconal work at the time of application, age limits may be exceeded by up to 5 years for female candidates and up to 3 years for male candidates.
    • Relatively higher consideration is made for female candidates due to social and cultural factors which cause them to pursue studies later.

How to Apply: You should apply via the new online application system. Applications can only be submitted through LWF member churches. Individuals interested in a scholarship should contact their church office.

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